August 12, 2012

It's been a very hot summer! When weekends roll around all I want to do is stay in the house, in the air conditioning, nice and comfortable.

I really enjoy living on the beach but, and don't laugh because I just realized this, there are no flowers here. And you know how I came to realize this after living here a year? A jar of pickles.  I bought a jar of the new Farmer's Garden pickles by Vlasic, which were pretty good by the way, and the jar reminded me of a country home filled with mason jars full of beautiful flowers so I decided to fill the jar with wild flowers after we ate all of the pickles.

When the jar was empty, I cleaned it out and set out to find some wild flowers to cut and put in my country-looking jar.  I walked around our whole yard looking for flowers and managed to come up with these wild little yellow flowers on a weed and one purple flower growing on a vine and even though they were small I thought they were pretty enough for picking so I put them in my jar.

But now,  every time I drive into our yard all I can think of is how there isn't enough color. I think I'll start a flower garden. Our yard needs color, lots of color.


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