September 8, 2012

My challenge

For about a year now I've been checking out the world of online marketing.  There are so many different ways to market online and to earn money online that at one point I got completely unfocused and had to step away and regroup.

During my hiatus, an online friend recommended I check out a program that she was in.  I didn't want to join any program I was searching for the one program where I felt comfortable.  A program that would teach a novice like myself how to make money online without investing an arm and a leg.  So, as I promised my friend, I clicked on her link and checked out the program.  I could tell right away that it wasn't like any other program I had read about or tried.  This was different.  This program was going to take me step by step into the world of marketing and teach me all about earning an honest income online.  There is a support group where members can meet and chat with each other, get answers to questions right away or just hang out and cheer others on when they get referrals. This program was going to teach me how to build multiple income streams through safelists and traffic exchanges in less than an hour a day.  After reading about it and viewing the videos I was hooked.  I joined for FREE.

I've been in The 10K Challenge for one month now and the owner, Debbie, just revamped it and it is really looking promising.  I have to admit I was skeptical but after meeting others who are in the program and being in contact with my mentor, Pamela, who is the person who referred me the skepticism is gone.

It's called the 10K Challenge and it is challenging but nothing is free right?  You have to work, yes even online, in order to make money.  But, if I stick with this program I will not only earn money, I will be earning every month for the rest of my life.

Click here to read more about this program and to get started with your own challenge.


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