July 5, 2012

Hi. I was checking out a mark. catalog the other day and realized that I haven't said a whole lot about mark. products on my blog.  In fact, I don't believe I've mentioned mark. products at all!  I can't believe me sometimes! Did you know that mark., which was associated with Avon for a long time and used to be the "trendier" side of Avon is full of fun, innovative and trendy products?  Well, they are and I have not been a good friend or I would have mentioned mark. products a long time ago.  I promote Avon every chance I get but mark. always slips my mind.  But, seriously, if you have you ever heard of mark. products you know how wonderfully natural and fun they are. From the creative Disco Domes Ring

to their awesome fashion line

It's all about style at mark.!

Take a peak at the wonderful world of mark. here or visit my website directly.

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