January 16, 2010

So Far So Good

Well, mid-January and things are looking good.  I recently had a wave of interested prospects and signed up 3 in one week!  For me, that's amazing.  Just when I was starting to believe that recruiting just wasn't my thing, I receive these new recruits.  I say I receive these new recruits because I didn't work very hard for them.  Basically, I taped a note on my brochures letting everyone know that becoming an Avon Representative is and easy and financially rewarding thing to do.  I believe this in my heart or I wouldn't be asking people to join.  I would not be adding notes to my brochures if I thought for one minute that I was in any way being deceitful.  I used to think about trying to make money online as quick as I could.  Luckily for me I am a skeptic so I wasn't taken by "get rich quick" schemes.  I had given up in believing that there was a way other than the regular "9 to 5" job out there until I found Avon.  Things did not move very fast and, being a Taurus, I liked that.  I could move at my own pace which made this work very comfortable for me.  I didn't want to consider recruiting at first but, after a year of selling Avon and being very comfortable with talking to people about it, I decided, that I should give recruiting a try.  Well, sort of.  I wasn't recruiting at all until one day my boss asked me if I was recruiting.  I said no, I'm comfortable making what I am making right now and I'm not interested in recruiting at this time.  Well, that afternoon, while delivering some brochures to the local laundromat, a man approached me and said he wanted to buy alot of shower gels and lotions and sell them at the Flea Market.  I said "that would be kind of expensive for you, why don't you sign up as an Avon Independent Sales Representative and you get your products at cost and then you can sell them at the Flea Market".  Well, he signed up!  My first recruit!  I was so excited and before I knew it, I had five representatives in my downline and I was a Unit Leader.  Things, once again, slowed to the steady pace I like afterward.  Now that I am very comfortable with talking to people about the Avon opportunity I've hit another wave.  This is fun.

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