March 3, 2013

Unless you are financially able to not work, you need a job. If you are looking for work, here's a quick story about my recent job search that will, hopefully, assist you in your quest.

When I made my choice to move to Miami, I had been in the same job for twelve years and even though I would hear people say how difficult it was to find work these days, I had no clue how true their words were until I started looking for work.

First of all, the days of picking up a newspaper and looking in the classified ads are over. I bought The Miami Herald, opened it to the classified section and was blown away at the sight of NOTHING. What was I thinking, right? I should have known that there wouldn't be any job listings in print when EVERYTHING is searched for on the internet these days.

Secondly, there is no more faxing your resume to a business and picking up the phone to schedule an interview. There are so many "career sites" on the internet where you have to register or complete this or that in order to search for and apply for potential jobs.

Finally, it's a waiting game. You search, register, apply, apply, apply and apply some more and then you wait. Make it your "job" to look for a job. For example, I got up every morning and went to a local park where there was free WIFI or to the library, because I was staying with my mother until I found a job and a new place to live (a whole other story) and she didn't have internet, and I searched and applied for every job that I was qualified for. After about a week of logging in and viewing all the job opportunities you'll start seeing the same opportunities you've already applied for at which point I started logging in every few days instead of every day.

If you are out there searching for work this site is a good one to start with. I wish you lots of luck in your search! 


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