February 17, 2010

Spring is in the air....almost

I woke up this morning and I heard birds chirping.  The first thing I thought of was spring and all the wonderful things it brings with it every year like the birds.  Back in my teens I was a very hard sleeper and I was NOT a morning person at all, ugh!  I used to hear birds chirping when I woke up and just wanted to shoot them!  Well, after I became a mother and "ripened" a little, I started to enjoy mornings.  I wasn't a morning person but I was comfortable with mornings.  Now, in my late 40s, I really enjoy mornings.  I wake up in a good mood, not the sourpuss I was as a teenager, and have my one and only cup of coffee while I turn on my computer and wait for it to come to life.  My fiance and I love our morning coffee but I have this coffeemaker that only makes two cups.  You know how coffeemakers say 4 cups but you really only get two, well that's what I have and lately I've been thinking about buying a 10-cup coffemaker and bigger coffee mugs :)  That way I can enjoy my one and only cup of coffee longer.  Until now I had only thought about it but now that I put it in writing it sounds even better so I will be buying a bigger coffeemaker and bigger mugs this weekend.

As you probably know, I am an Avon Independent Sales Represenative.  I have my own website, www.youravon.com/bvidal, but I don't get alot of customers who buy from my website but when I do it is so exciting to me.  I feel the same way when a new customer calls me on the phone to place their order.  I love it!  I love my customers!  I suppose when you have a business it is that way, you get excited about every single order someone makes.  My brochure is my store so I make sure I place brochures everywhere I can during each campaign in order to attract new customers each campaign.  I really enjoy being an Avon Representative and hope to keep going for years to come.  Please stop by my website and read about the product I am giving away this month with any $20 purchase.  I will post a new product to give away each month so be sure to come back and check each month or register your email address and you will receive specials via email every two weeks at the start of each campaign.  This will alert you to check my website for the free product offered.

Have a wonderful day.

Barbara Vidal
Avon Independent Sales Representative

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