May 29, 2012

Going Red

Every once in a while I like to have a glass of wine with dinner and it is usually a white or blush wine because I like chilled wine best but the other day I bought a bottle of Liberty Creek's Chocolate Red Wine and it was pretty darn good. It's bold and robust with the slightest hint of chocolate. This is a real good wine for special occasions or family gatherings.

No matter what I'm doing during the day, when late afternoon comes around and the sun starts to go down, I like to sit on our deck and listen to the birds chirping, hearing the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks and the sound of my wind chimes blowing in the wind, and having a glass of wine fits right in with all of that.

I decided on red wine because of the benefits.  To read about the benefits and negatives of drinking red wine visit eHow-food.

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