March 28, 2010

Sweet or Regular?

I was never a fan of sweet potatoes so when my fiance brought home sweet mashed potatoes I was a skeptical.  I like trying new foods and I have tried sweet potatoes before, several times. I tried them baked, on a grill and in a pie but I never really liked what I was tasting.  My fiance's mother makes them with marshmallows on top and he says they are wonderful (I haven't tried them).  As far as regular mashed potatoes go, I LOVE THEM!  There is nothing better than good, hot, slightly lumpy mashed potatoes with a pat of butter melting on it, yum!  I refuse to buy sweet potatoes for mashing or pre-packaged sweet mashed potatoes because, after trying them a few other ways, I figured I would be wasting my time and my money.  When my fiance brought home pre-packaged sweet potatoes today I just had to try them because, well because they were there.  The texture is different than my beloved regular mashed potatoes, the color is definitely different, of course, and the taste....yuck!  I will never eat a sweet potato again.  It doesn't matter how it is cooked, I've given up on trying them because now I know that, no matter how they are cooked, sweet has nothing on regular!

I think the whole sweet potato v. regular potato story has a little something in common with some of the Avon products that I sell.  Some people are loyal to the regular Skin So Soft bath oil and some have tried the Soft and Sensual and really love it so whether you are a regular or Soft-n-Sensual kind of person, Avon has the Skin So Soft for you.

Barbara Vidal
Avon Independent Sales Representative

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